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Ph.D. Student  

Blackberry Applications

I recently developed two Blackberry Applications. I focused on making both applications very responsive, i.e. all transaction can be safely aborted anytime by the user.

The first application is a vocabulary memory that makes translation German / English and Spanish / English vocabulary pairs easy as well as supports individual learning process. You can also backup your current vocabulary or share it with other users. The application also switches automatically between different input languages.

The second application is a try to bring Google's Picasa to the Blackberry. The application is 50 % done, however I run into unexpected memory issues that the Java Runtime on the Blackberry causes when handling big images. I assume that the right way to do that would be setting up a server that shifts the current issues to the server side. Unfortunately I do not have access to the picasa servers ;).

I will share the source code to both projects shortly, after the most embarrassing bugs have been fixed :).

Vocabulary Memory