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This application is not finished yet. Around 50% of its features are still missing.

For installation I offer over the air (OTA) download. Use your Blackberry and browse to the links given underneath to install the application.

PicasaMobile: www.mgrundmann.com/bberry/picasaMobile.jad

You can also download the application for use with the Desktop manager.

[ Download PicasaMobile ]

Currently only public albums are supported. From the main screen select "Set login information" and enter your google id. Do not enter your password, because it is not supported yet and will be saved in plain text. Don't say I have not warned you :).

main screen

By clicking on "Access account" the application will start contacting the google server and retrieving your public albums. You can stop the transaction at anytime by hitting the back key.

accessing the account

The albums will be shown on a new screen. Note that the image data is retrieved in the background, while the application is remains fully operational. Your selection will be indicated by an enlarged image.

publicPlaces selected
TestImages selected

Clicking on an album will show all photos in that album. As always you can abort the transaction at any time by pressing the back key.

Photos from album loading

Selecting a photo will load the corresponding photo from the server. This is the current bottleneck. If the image is too big the Blackberry API can not decode the JPEG image and the garbage collector will frequently kick in as indicated by the hour glass.

Photo loading

Finally the image will be display full size on the screen. Zoom controls are not implemented yet, although a full MIP map has been constructed in the background not avoid resizing artifacts.

The resized image displayed