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Vocabulary Memory

The Vocabulary Memory application comes in two editions: Spanish/English and German/English.

For installation I offer over the air (OTA) download. Use your Blackberry and browse to the links given underneath to install the application.

Spanish / English: www.mgrundmann.com/bberry/vocabMemSpain.jad
German / English: www.mgrundmann.com/bberry/vocabMem.jads

You can also download the application for use with the Desktop manager.

[ Download Spanish / English | Download German / English ]

The applications purpose is to supply the user with an easy translation interface as well as a "memory" for looked up items.

The interface is reduced to its basics. Just type in the word you want to look up and click on "translate". Please note, that while you shift focus between the different input boxes the input language gets adjusted as well.

German start screen
Spanish start screen

Of course you can also just press the trackball / trackwheel and a menu will show up allowing faster navigation:

Menu for easy navigation

The application will contact the translation server and show a list of results. The transaction can be stopped at anytime by hitting the back key. By clicking on a specific item it will be added to your current vocabulary. You can omit this step and press back to return to the main screen.

Result list

From the main screen you can access your current vocabulary by clicking on "Show vocabulary":

Vocabulary list

Clicking an item toggles between learned / not learned. Learned items will be highlighted yellow and displayed at the end of list. By accessing the menu you can switch between the sorted and the scrambled view. The latter is intended to help you learn your words.

Scramble view for
easy learning

A quite nice feature is that you can backup and/or share your vocabulary with friends. Simply select "Send Vocabulary" from the main menu and specify the recipients email address. A e-mail will be send that can be opened with any Blackberry with the application installed. If you select the attachment an option will be displayed to add the list to your current vocabulary. Doubles will be deleted.

backup or share vocabulary