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Ph.D. Student  


I did this project with fellow student Florian Hecht. For this project we had to create an animation of juggling clubs in Maya. We created a club from the silhouette of an image of a juggling club. We modeled a rough polygon version and then used subdivision to create a high quality version. We then created a juggling animation for that one club using keyframes. We tried to resemble the movement of a club in a video of a professional juggler. When we where satisfied, we duplicated the club two times and arranged the animations so that we get a fluent animation of three clubs that are juggled.

To put our animation into view we created a camera path around the juggling clubs using a look-at camera that spins around the center of the animation. We used again keyframes for that. After that we assigned materials to the clubs and added special effects like fire and specular highlights to make the animation more spectacular. It took several hours to render this animation. When it was done we edited the movie to create some interesting cuts and to add some music, that would support the experience of our animation.

We hope that you enjoy our juggling animation:

[ Movie Indeo 5 encoded (20MB) ]