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Ph.D. Student  

Tracking and augmented reality project

I did this project together with Jakob Vogel and Christian Stöger.

An example shot from our final video

To produce the shown special effects we first recorded a scene with a known geometry. We used the ESM tracking algorithm with online face update to obtain the camera motion. The scene was remodelled in Autodesk Maya and the camera motion was importet from our tracking application.

The result is amazing to work with. After designing a scene in maya you simply render it. That's it! No additional tweaks, maya will all the work for you with our setup. The original video is used as background and the scene geometry is set transparent but still handels occlusions and shadows like it would when it is present. You even can even apply special effect to the real scene objects and overlay them with the video.

We show some example images below. First two shots that show how well occlusions are handled.

Another shot that demonstrates that shadows are correctly computed. No additional tweaks are applied for this like for common special effects.

Finally, special effects can easily be overlayed with the original video data

[final movie (34 MB) ]