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S. Benhimane, H. Najafi, M. Grundmann, E. Malis, Y. Genc, N. Navab
Real-time object detection and tracking for industrial applications
International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications, Funchal, Portugal, January 2008.

Real-time tracking of complex 3D objects has been shown to be a challenging task for industrial applications where robustness, accuracy and run-time performance are of critical importance. This paper presents a fully automated object tracking system which is capable of overcoming some of the problems faced in industrial environments. This is achieved by combining a real-time tracking system with a fast object detection system for automatic initialization and re-initialization at run-time. This ensures robustness of object detection, and at the same time accuracy and speed of recursive tracking. For the initialization we build a compact representation of the object of interest using statistical learning techniques during an off-line learning phase, in order to achieve speed and reliability at run-time by imposing geometric and photometric consistency constraints. The proposed tracking system is based on a novel template management algorithm which is incorporated into the ESM algorithm. Experimental results demonstrate the robustness and high precision of tracking of complex industrial machines with poor textures under severe illumination conditions.

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